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About Us

Diversi is the vision of transformation; you will earn an astounding furniture design that outshines at the art of exceptional revolutionized invention. We absolutely design and manufacture the highest-quality as well as our own unique transitional designs, which are presented to the best at our showroom and interior designs that are popular throughout Pakistan.What present us different is our precise attention-to-detail and chasing high-quality construction. This has driven our continuous customer growth since 20 years. Our enthusiasm for detail is also manifested in our designed patterns, in which we manufacture our own concepts so that when we design a new piece of furniture as we design one-of-a-kind inspiration for that piece.

Our aim is to continually expand into modern markets, whereas continuing to be a brand identical with the finer image. Diversi as a team displays a large range of skills, since we take satisfaction in our work, which is also evident in our décor that is beautifully crafted. We believe that we go far beyond just fashion furniture that attain the better of Western classics. We employ creative techniques, which without a doubt breathe soul and quality that lasts into our designs. We will design your décor taking a detail that you’ll like and pattern a completely new piece of furniture around your thoughts. We will start the design process from scratch. We congregate inspiration from a range of sources. We by no means design to the limitations and have in point of fact expanded our concept working as we have developed new skills in advanced in the course of time keeping control of what you want.

We never bargain on design and would be thoughtless to find a middle ground on quality. Merely the finest materials are utilized in our furniture. We also employ quality assurers that ensure technically-sound components and design throughout the process. As an expert we oversee production, checking in at points so that nothing is overlooked. Before an item is packaged, it is reviewed with a keen eye and must pass a comprehensive checklist by our quality control assurance unit.